OnMic UMO Festival

Hi OnMicers, OnMic UMO Festival will start at May 18.

Time: May 18 to May 30 (GMT+8; Singapore time)

Task: Play UMO on OnMic for 2 days in a row

Rewards: UMO Mater avatar border 👇

Hope everyone have fun in UMO rooms! 💗

If you have any question, please contact us at:


New Rules of OnMic Games

Dear OnMicers,

We have released OnMic V 2.0.6 which is a Beta version. This version has launched a new set of game rules. As follows:

As you know, we have two kinds of currencies: Gold and Gem on OnMic.

So in the version of 2.0.6, we will give each OnMicer 200 Golds as the capital.

In games, we will have rankings. The first place will get 10 Golds each round, and the last place will lose 10 Golds each round.

When the total number of your Golds is less than 10, you can’t start a game on OnMic.

But Don’t worry! OnMic will give 50 subsidized Golds to you when your Golds are not enough. You can claim 50 subsidized Golds for 4 times every day.

[Double Rewards Period] 🎁

During 7pm-8pm (GMT+8, Singapore time) every day, gamers can get double rewards in games.

For example, the first place will get 20 Golds each round, and the last place will lose 20 Golds each round as well.

Please try to win more Golds, beacause Golds can be used to buy goods/items in the OnMic Mall. OnMic Mall is under construction now…Please expect that!

Hope you have fun on OnMic!

If you have any question, please contact: support@onmicapp.com or send messages to Maki-Rain on OnMic

A Letter to All OnMicers

OnMic changed a lot, but OnMic will become better and better for you all. 💗

OnMic V 2.0.52 has been released on May 6. There are only game rooms from now on. We know that you miss the old OnMic very much, because you’ve been with OnMic for a long time. OnMic sincerely appreciates your support!

What will OnMic become in the future?

OnMic will be a party games and social platform. There will be more and more fun board games added to OnMic. You will like them! Trust me~

If there are popular board games you want to recommend us to add on OnMic, Please contact wuyulun@onmicapp.com or message Maki-Rain on OnMic. We will collect your suggestions and write it down in the plan.

Thank you for supporting OnMic! OnMic loves you all!💕

OnMic 2.0 is Released!

Hi OnMicers, the brand-new OnMic 2.0 is Released!

Download link:

(If the link doesn’t work for you, please go to Google Play Store or App Store and update OnMic!)

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.noxgroup.app.onmic&hl=en

ios: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1569289810

In 2.0 version, we have more party games for you to play together with friends! Like UMO (much like UNO), Deminers (an exciting game need you use your wisdom to win), and so on…

And it will look like as below:

Update now and party with friends!!!

OnMic Self-developed Game— “Werewolf” is online!

OnMic self-developed game—Werewolf is online today (you need to upgrade OnMic to V1.3.12 to experience: https://www.onmicapp.com/). Werewolf is a social deduction game. The game models a conflict between two groups: the bad-guys camp–an informed minority (the werewolves), and the good-guys camp which includes the gods with special skills and an uninformed majority (the villagers).

At the start of the game, each player is secretly assigned a role affiliated with one of these teams. The game has two alternating phases: first, a night role, during which those with night killing powers may covertly kill other players and roles with other special skills can use their skills; and second, a day role, in which surviving players debate the identities of players and vote to eliminate a suspect.

The game continues until a faction achieves its win condition; for the villagers and gods, this means eliminating the evil minority, while for the werewolves this usually means making all villagers or gods out of the game (depends on the game setup).

The 1st version of OnMic Werewolf supports 6 players mode including 2 werewolves, 2 gods (a seer and a guard), and 2 villagers.

When night falls, Werewolves can choose 1 player to kill, seer can choose one player to check the identity, but villagers can only close eyes and wait. When getting daybreak, players will hide their identities and try to find out enemies and vote enemies out of the game.

Werewolf is a game of reasoning. Only the smartest players can win! Can you win?

P.S. Welcome to OnMic official werewolf club to communicate with other gamers (Club ID: 74332):


IGG is Releasing a New ARPG Yeager in Late 2022!

Play Yeager on PC with Keyboard and Mouse Control on NoxPlayer, Get better graphics!

🎧Use OnMic (available for PC, Android, iOS) to play Yeager with friends and chat in voice. Click: https://www.onmicapp.com/

Join the Yeager club on OnMic to get up-to-date information everyday and prizes from time to time. Click:


Yeager Game Introduction

Yeager is a brand new 3D action role-playing monster hunting game set in an alien world. Yeager, IGG’s most prominent new game project in 2022, has garnered many positive reviews worldwide during its global beta tests last year. It is also rated by the media as the top 15 best RPG in the world in 2021! 

As compared to traditional ARPGs, Yeager’s highly-optimized game controls ensure a superior gaming experience for the vast majority of players. Yeager also features a visually breathtaking world filled with exotic monsters created with the latest physically-based rendering technique. Yeager also supports cross-platform gaming, and is set to release on both mobile and PC platforms.

The game also features an intuitive, action-oriented combat system, allowing you to engage fearsome creatures up close, weakening them by breaking body parts with flashy combos, then moving in for a decisive kill. Customize weapon and equipment freely to create the best setup for your play style. Team up with your friends to challenge powerful beasts and rise through the ranks to become a legendary hunter!  

Game Environment

Yeager takes place on Ekor, a lush and green planet filled with unique biomes and creatures. Navigate your way through vast forests and winding canyons while uncovering the many secrets hidden on Ekor. But beware the monsters snapping at your heels!

Forest of Ancients

The Forest of Ancient sits in the north of Vyderan. The abundance of water veins at the heart of the forest gave life to a large variety of exotic flora and fauna.

Frosthowl Cliff

The Frosthowl Cliff is a desolated frozen tundra far removed from civilization. Hunters who wish to hunt at the Frosthowl Cliff must first find a way to survive the severe snowstorm and chilly weather.

Weapon Introduction 

Yeager features a deep weapon system. Choose from a wide variety of weapons — your choice of weapon dictates your combat style.

Eidolon Spear

Eidolon Spear is a versatile weapon that uses both melee and ranged attacks. Control the Eidolon and switch weapon forms on the fly to unleash powerful attacks.

Flux Blaster

Flux Blaster is a ranged weapon that fires a torrent of bullets to deal massive damage. It can be loaded with a variety of special ammo and enhancement parts to further enhance its damage.

Fury Blades

Fury Blades are melee weapons that excel at quick strikes. Fill up the Rage meter with a flurry of attacks to unleash powerful skills.

Force Hammer 

Force Hammer is a melee weapon that focuses on block counters, anti-stagger stance, and charged attacks. Disrupt enemy attacks with well-timed blocks, then strike back with lethal force. 

Hunting Sword 

Hunting Sword is a melee weapon that becomes stronger with each combo skill it unleashes. It is capable of ‘imprinting’ previously used skills, which can be unleashed again to deal bonus damage.

Play Yeager on PC with Keyboard an board and Mouse Control on NoxPlayer, Get better graphics!

Use OnMic (available for PC, Android, iOS) to play Yeager with friends and chat in voice. Click: https://www.onmicapp.com/


Retainers are pet-like minions that fight alongside you.

Vyderan hunters never fight alone; the Retainers Union regularly recruits elite warriors from highly talented tribes scattered throughout the planet to assist the hunters in combat.

While in combat, Retainers can provoke and deal damage to Beasts. They can also heal you in a pinch, or empower you with combat buffs. They are also great companions to have on long hunting trips.

Team Hunts 

You can team up with 3 other players to take on challenging hunts. The built-in voice chat feature lets you chat with teammates to quickly assign combat roles and perform battle callouts. It doesn’t matter which role you wish to take up, you’re sure to find a team that suits your needs!

Ancient Cage (8-man raid)

Mae-shien, the Beast of White Apocalypse, lies sealed in the unknown reaches of the Kallar Network. However, the ancient seal that holds Mae-shien captive has weakened significantly over time, and is bound to break before long. If Mae-shien is allowed to escape its prison, it will bring devastating calamity upon Ekor. 

Left with no other options, the Vyderan hunters must work with their ex-rival, Drakhai the Beast of Black Chaos, in order to defeat Mae-shien and seal it away for good.


There are currently more than 30 different types of Beasts to hunt in Yeager, each with their own unique appearance and moveset.





💪Play Yeager on PC with Keyboard an board and Mouse Control on NoxPlayer, Get better graphics!

🎧Use OnMic (available for PC, Android, iOS) to play Yeager with friends and chat in voice. Click: https://www.onmicapp.com/

Yeager will be online soon! OnMic will keep updating information about Yeager. Please Stay tunned!

Valentine’s Day Lucky Guy Winner Announcement!👑

Congratulations to MR_lonely and Overthewind! They are chosen as the Valentine’s Day lucky guys. We have given out mystery prizes to them.

For MR_longly: $10 Roblox gift card

For Overthewind: 85 Diamonds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

More events are on the way~We hold an event once a week and prepare prizes for each event! Come to join~

In the future, We will have more generous prizes. Please stay tuned!

Who is the Valentine’s Day Lucky Guy? 💟

Today is the Valentine’s Day, and we prepare a mystery prize 🎁 for two special lucky guys!


  1. Comment this post👇

2. Chat in any voice rooms🎧

3. Do above thing within 2022 Feb.14-15

The OnMic Admin will travel through voice rooms and choose two lucky guys to send him/her a mystery gift!!!


If the admin sees your comment under the post, the chance of winning is higher!

What are you waiting for, come and join!!!

How to Get the Valentine’s Day Avatar Frame?🌹

Hi OnMicers! The Valentine’s Day is coming, so we have prepared a surprise gift for you—

The Valentine’s Day Avatar Frame”~👇

It’s so cool, isn’t it? But not everyone can get this avatar frame😥. So how to get it?

Tips for you:

Add more than 5 friends during Feb.14-Feb.17 GMT+8 on OnMic, and you can get the superb Valentine’s Day avatar frame!

To get it and use it!!!

Online mini game rooms released!

Do you know how to create mini game voice room?

  • Guidelines:
1. Click “Quick Create” first to choose which game room you want to create.
2. Select the Mini Game that you want to play, then click “Create”, there you go!

Online Mini Game Rules

  1. Ludo


1. A takeoff will take place when you roll a six. Rolling a six also give you an extra turn to roll the dice. If you roll a six three times then your turn ends.
2. Tokens of different colors can kill each other. You will get an extra turn to roll the dice.
3. On the ending track, you can proceed only when the point is equal or is less than the distance from the end. Also give you an extra turn to roll the dice.
4. After picking up the prop ‘golden dice’, you must gain six when rolling.
5. Pick up the prop ‘magnet’ and automatically advance 8 squares until it is blocked by another token.
6. Pick up the prop ‘bomb’, automatically bomb 8 squares of targets in front, and eliminate the other token to the camp.
7. The classic game requires all tokens to reach the end, and the fast game requires only one token to reach the end.
8. At the end of the game, the more tokens reach the end, and the farther the tokens do not reach the end, the higher the ranking.

2. Bump!(To be released)


How to Bump
Slide your fingers to control the direction, and they will bounce back after collision. Knock your opponent off the court to eliminate him.

Size Rules
Every time you eliminate a player, you get bigger. The bigger the body, the stronger the impact.

3. Dart Ace (To be released)


1. There are 8 rounds of the game. No space to insert knife, the game ended in advance.
2. Random order at the beginning of the game.
3. Click any position on the screen to launch the flying knife, according to the hit position score.

4. Gomoku


1. A random player takes the lead.
2. Click the grid on the chessboard to determine the position and click the drop again.
3. The player who completes the five child connection first wins.
4. If you timeout 3 times in a row, you will be eliminated.

Go to download the latest version to experience the mini games!

Spring Festival Mobile Legends Lucky Draw

The Chinese New Year and Spring Festival is coming. In order to give back to OnMic users, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Lucky Draw activity is hereby organized.

🧧Prize: 3005 Diamonds (MLBB) * 2 lucky users


  1. Create or Join in a Mobile Legends voice room and take a screenshot.

(Like this 👇)

2. Post this Screenshot in the “Lucky Draw” channel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Club (Club ID: 254).


  1. It must be a Mobile Legends gaming voice room.
  2. The more people in the screenshot, the greater the chance of winning.

There will be more activities recently. Please stay tunned!✨

Roblox Voice Room Contest Winner Announcement 🏆

Jake (Filipino user) is the only winner who meets the requirements of the Roblox Voice Room Contest from Jan12-19 2022. The OnMic official administrator has sent the winner messages, and we will give out the prize of one $20 Roblox gift card within 7 workdays.

Winner Screenshots:

How to Create Your Own Club on OnMic?

1/ Go to the “Discover Clubs” page and click on “Create Club” button.

2/ Enter the club name and upload an avatar.

3/ Click on the “Create” button.

4/ Now your club is on Trial Mode. Now complete the following 3 tasks to upgrade your club.

(1) Invite others to your club (at least 3 people including you)

(2) Upload a club avatar (already done in the 2nd Step)

(3) Fill in the club description

5/ Now your club is all set. You can customize the club in the way you like, such as changing the group names and channel names.

p.s. There are 3 different types of channels: text channel, post channel and voice channel. And there are 3 different icons to represent them separately.

OnMic Roblox Voice Room Contest

Hi OnMicers, OnMic is going to hold a “Roblox Voice Room Contest”. The top 5 hosts will receive a $20 (USD) Roblox Gift Card each. The gift card can be used to buy Robux (1 gift card can buy about 1700 Robux)!


1/ From Jan.12th to Jan. 19th 2022, the top 5 Roblox voice room hosts with the most cumulative number of audiences will be awarded.

2/ The contestants must create a public room without a password.

3/ The contestants should post the screenshot or the room ID of his/her Roblox voice room in the [Roblox Voice Room Contest] Channel of the Roblox Fan Club (Club ID 544). The official administrators will check data in the background one by one.


1/ Room creating time must be from Jan. 12th to 19th 2022,otherwise the host cannot participate this contest.

2/ The voice room gaming type must be Roblox,otherwise the host cannot participate this contest.

3/ The host must play Roblox with all audiences in the voice room, not just chat. OnMic official administators will monitor the content.

4/ The prize will be awarded only to the host.


1/ $20 (USD) Roblox Gift Cards *5

2/ The top 5 hosts will be showed on the home page banner on OnMic. Every OnMicer will know you are one of the most popular host!

Winners will be announced on Jan.20 2022. Please stay tuned!

Free Fire Lucky Draw Winner Announcement!

We have sent messages to the following winners on OnMic, please reply your Free Fire UID to us as soon as possible.

[Attention]: The winners are picked by the machine randomly. So we cannot get the UID you wrote in the posts.

First Prize–6900 Diamonds x1: Winddrops

Second Prize–2200 Diamonds x3: GFF.Aashik YT?, Yogesh t r, YeahIam

Third Prize–1080 Diamonds x6: RealLegends, D@rek magar, TARUN FF, ajay, Hasan Raza, karan

Congratulations to all the winners!

How to Play with the Voice Room in a Cool Way! (For a host)(from A to Z)

The voice room is a vital function on OnMic. Some friends don’t know how to use/play with it appropriately, so today I’ll show you how to play with the voice room in a cool way.

1/ You’ll notice the “Quick Create” button in the Voice Hall page. Please click on the “Quick Create” button to create your own voice room.

2/ Then, you’ll see the page below.

*You can change the “Room Title” to whatever you want, like “Freefire gamers assemble!” to attract more new friends and so on.

*The Room Password is optional. If you want to know more new friends, please don’t set a password. But if you just want to play with someone you already knew, then set a password.

*The Gaming Type is optional too. If you know what game you want play now, choose a gaming type. Then people who want to play that game will notice your room and join you! But if you are not sure about the game you want to play, then just skip it.

3/ Now, your voice room is all set. You can change your room settings in this page as well. Just click on the first button (the lock icon) on the top. And then you can swift your room from a private room with a password to public room without one, vice versa.

*If your room is public, you’ll see “Speaking Mode” in the setting page. If you choose “Open Mic” mode, everyone who raises his/her hand can speak without your agreement. But if you choose the “Apply to speak” mode, they can speak only if you agree.

4/ How to invite people to join in your room?

* Click on the second button on the top. Then there are 2 ways for you to invite friends.

Way 1: you can invite your friends from outside by sending them a invitation link through other Apps, by message or mail.

Way 2: you can invite your OnMic friends directly.


*If your room is public to everyone, then people who notice your room may come in and chat with you. And our system will tell your friends on OnMic that you are now in a voice room. They will join you if they want.

*If you set a password for your room, don’t forget to tell your friends the right password.

5/ What will happen when someone enters your room?

*If your room is public, you’ll see them in the audience list. If you want them to speak, you just need to click on his/her avatar, select “invite to speak”. If he/she accept your invitation, you’ll see him/her on the stage.

*If your room is private, your friends enter your room with the right password and then they will appear on the stage directly.

6/Enter something in the box at the bottom and send it, then everyone in your room will see the message and chat with you in text.

7/ Click on the first button at the bottom, then you can adjust speakers’ volume and gaming volume separately. This function is super nice! Try it~

8/ Click on the second button at the bottom. You can check the complete name list of people who want to speak in your room and process those applications.

9/ Click on the third button at the bottom, then you can open or close your own microphone.

10/ Click on the forth button (3 dots) at the bottom, you’ll see a half screen.

[Functions introduction]

*Listen back: you can hear your own voice with this function on. But it only works with wired headset.

*Mute all: you can mute all members in your room with this function on.

*Close Chat Screen: No one can chat in the public chat screen in text with this function on.

*Settings: this works the same with the first button (the lock icon) on the top.

*gift: If you like someone’s speaking, you can send gifts to him/her on OnMic.

*Tips: you can find tips you want here.

*Guidelines: you can check OnMic Community Guidelines here.

*Report: If someone in the room behave badly, you can report it to use by this.

*Hit balloons: a mini game that you can play together with all members in your room! It’s really fun! Don’t forget to try this!

11/ If you want to stay in your room and do something else on OnMic at the same time, please click on the tiny check mark on the top left corner. Then, your room will shrink into a floating box. You can move the floating box to anywhere you want and do something else on OnMic.

12/ If you want to leave the room, there are two ways.

*Leave quietly: set a speaker as a host first (click on his/her avatar-Manage-Set a host), then leave quietly.

*Dismiss the whole room directly.

The voice room using tutorial for listeners & speakers is on the way~Please stay tuned!


Check how to kick out someone out of your room here:


What Can You Do When You Have Problems/Questions Using OnMic?

If you run into any problems or have any questions, please feel free to post in the Q&A Section in the OnMic Club. We will reply you as soon as we notice your posts.

Then, how to do it?

1/ Click on the Discover button to enter the Discover Clubs page.

2/ Find and enter the “OnMic Club” in the 4th row of that page.

3/ Find and enter the “Q&A Section” channel.

4/ Post your problems or questions in this section and we will reply as soon as possible.

We are looking forward helping you with any promblems/questions!


To protect the community norms and build a good communication environment on OnMic, we have several features for users to deal with bad behavior immediately.

  1. The host has the right to kick a member out of the room

To help the host manage the room and ensure no one in the room behaves badly or breaks community rules, OnMic empowers the host to kick members out of the room. If a member is kicked out of a room, he/she cannot return to the room. Here is the tutorial:

1/ Click on the offending member’s avatar

2/ Click on [Manage]

3/ Click on [Kick out]

2. Identify fake accounts

To avoid being scammed, please identify official accounts of OnMic Administrators, hot Youtubers, Tiktokers by the following way: an official account is the account with a yellow V mark verified by OnMic. Accounts without the yellow V mark are fake accounts.

3. Report members in violation

In order to improve the efficiency of dealing with offending members, please provide reasons for reporting and attach corresponding screenshots. Reports with irrelevant screenshots or screenshots for the wrong reason will not be processed, so remember to take screenshots of that member’s bad behavior, words, or images.

1/ Take screenshots of that member’s offending behavior, words, or images

2/ Click on the member’s avatar, select the “three dots” (ios)/exclamation mark (android)

3/ Select [Report], then select the type of violation, add corresponding screenshots, and enter the details of the reason for reporting.


4. Send bug reports and suggestions to OnMic Administrators

If you have any suggestions or error reports, please go to the OnMic Club, and then post or send messages in the [Feedback] section. OnMic Administrators will deal with your problems or suggestions as soon as possible.

Or you can send email directly to us: support@onmicapp.com

New version 1.2.7 released for IOS users!

  1. Go to your Personal Center to get various avatar frames~ You can get Christmas-style avatar frame, if you log in for once during Dec.23-25.
  2. Tap and hold on a club icon on the left column, then you can change the order of the clubs you have joined in. Go make your favorite clubs on the top!
  3. If you are a club founder or manager, you can change the order of groups and channels right now.


1/ Tap the 3 dots on the right top corner of your club. And then, tap the “Manage Clubs” button.

2/ Tap the “Channel Management” button.

3/ Tap the “Reorder” button.

4/ Then you can reorder the Groups and Channels in your club


[PS] Android will be updated soon! Stay tuned~

Come and Find Your Dream Game Club on OnMic!

Now on OnMic, you can find and join various game clubs like Free Fire Fanclub,PUBG NEW STATE, Battlegrounds Mobile India and many other types of clubs

What you can do in these clubs?

  1. Chat with club members freely in voice channels or text channels.
  2. Teamup with new friends anytime you want.
  3. Smooth voice chat with no delay when you teamup.
  4. Get up-to-date info about your game.
  5. …(endless possibilities)

If you are a game newbie

plz feel free to join our clubs as well. OnMic is a perfect space for you to find  and start your dream game. Just join the clubs and  teamup with experienced  players,  and you will dive in the game with much plesure.

Now we have clubs for following games

  • Free Fire

 a battle royale game, developed and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It became the   most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019.

  • PUBG: New State

an futuristic style multiplayer online battle royale video game released in 2021. It was developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by Krafton.

  • Mobile Legends

a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed and published by Moonton, a subsidiary of ByteDance.

  • Among Us

an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by  American game studio Innersloth.

  • Roblox

an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation. It allows users to program games and play games created by other  users.

  • Call of Duty

a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. Starting  out in 2003, it first focused on games set in World War II.

If you don’t find your favourite game on OnMic, just start a club by yourself  right away and meet like-minded friends.

Hurry up! No need to leave your room, you can enjoy a good time with clubmates!

New version released! Dive into Gaming with ONMIC together!

Great news: OnMic is a gaming community based audio chat social application officially

Two pivotal features:

1. Gaming clubs:








We have the most trending clubs on OnMic, such us Free Fire, PUBG, Mobile Legends etc. over 100 clubs, even the upcoming game like PUBG New State club has been all set already.

In gaming club, you can post whatever you need(Tactics, Tutorials, Teamup), there will be feedback instantly from other gaming friends.

You can also call for help if you are in need, our gaming community are full of helpful and hospitable friends 🙂

2. Teamup Chat Room:

Create a voice room under the club to find gaming teammates the fastest! No matter when or where, you can always find people who share same interests, or same gaming level with you. You are a newbie? Want to play with a pro? No problem, you can find them on OnMic! You are a pro, only want to play with pro? No problem, there’s a pro channel for every and each gaming club.

You can also join any gaming topic room in the voice hall, play together or just observe as a visitor!

Cannot wait to download OnMic and experience the latest version already right? Click here to download OnMic for free now: https://link.noxinfluencer.com/jO5Itm

Contact support@onmicapp.com if you have encountered any problems 🙂


Cash prize of 1 MILLION VND along with a green check account will belong to the winner. Is that person you?

October – the month of love is bustling every day. And it’s a pity if during this time, you haven’t had time to confess your secrets to your love. Then the “MY LOVE” contest is your chance!



All members of the community OnMic Vietnam Official

Link group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onmicvietnamofficial


About a person or object (pet, passion, hometown…)  that you love deeply

How to apply:

  • Step 1: Open a topic about my love in the club “Emotional train” on OnMic application.

Topic length over 30 minutes.

  • Step 2: Record a screen clip of a highlight in your topic
  • Step 3: Post the clip to the facebook group “OnMic Vietnam Official” with 1 share, attach the hashtag #OnMic #tinhyeucuatoi

Scoring Criteria:

➤ Peaks – the most people participating in the topic at the same time   (40%)

➤The number of votes for the topic recording file on the OnMic application (20%)

➤Total interactions (like+comment+share) of posts shared on facebook group “OnMic Vietnam Official” (40%)


➤GOLD MICRO WINNER (the person with the highest total score): 1 million VND bonus + green account

➤INCREDIBLE STREAMER AWARD (the contestant with the most interactive sharing): 500k VND bonus

➤Prospect STREAMER AWARD (the contestant with the most voted recording file): 300k VND bonus


From October 15, 2021 to October 31, 2021

Speak confidently with words of love for a chance to receive your well-deserved reward!

Application download link: https://bit.ly/3AdN4wnm


OnMic on iOS has just updated with 2 new features. Have you updated yet?

As we all know, the OnMic audio social network has the following features:

  • Online chat via audio
  • Diverse and useful discussion content
  • Authentic dialogue
  • Chatting without pressure
  • Join unlimited time

Now, with the desire to bring the best time for members in “OnMic Roof”, the developer has developed 2 new features to optimize the user experience.

So what are those 2 features?

  1- Feature Post & Comment each other’s posts in the club.

This feature will make it easier for you to share a variety of personal stories through images and articles.


  • Join your favorite club

  • Create A Topic

  • Select post and share your story

 2- Feature 2: Do tasks in the app to receive gifts

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[The Debate OnMic 2021]
Tomorrow evening, September 24, 21, the confrontation between 16 debaters from all over the country will take place on  OnMic Vietnam.
  • Time: 20 pm on 24.09
  • Contest MC: Tien Hung
  • Judges:
– Mr. Le Doan Ngoc Thi (Thirak) – Director of Viet Guide Supply Company
– Mr. Le Minh Hai Dang (KyLin) – Tour guide with many years working and living in Thailand.
– Mr. Dang Hoang Luan (Mr. Larry) – International tour guide, former business director of Saigon Boat company, director of Cricket Tours travel company.
Which opponent will have a sharp argument? Which opponent embodies logical thinking and reasoning as god?
Download the OnMic app and keep a close eye on this 1-0-2 competition!
Attendance link: